Cambridge Cognitive Therapy

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About us

Cambridge Cognitive Therapy offers Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in Cambridge City and Sawston. 

Cambridge Cognitive Therapy offers talking therapies to individuals experiencing mental health problems and other related difficulties such as work related problems, stress, low mood and anxiety. This service offers an alternative to those in need of psychological therapies outside the NHS services.

Cambridge Cognitive Therapy affords people the privilege to chose to undertake treatment sessions within the comfort of their homes by offering home visits if preferred. 

Cambridge Cognitive Therapy recognises the importance of confidentiality and therefore we assure you complete confidence That confidentiality will be maintained throughout however where risk factors or crime is or may be committed, we are bound by law to divulge the necessary information as required to relevant authorities or services. 

Our treatment interventions are primarily on a face to face basis however other modalities such as telephone or Skype could be considered where appropriate and upon request. 

We can also provide written reports and liaise with your GP or any other professional services ONLY after seeking your permission and if deemed necessary to do so to achieve optimum recovery. 

Cambridge Cognitive Therapy offers only evidence based psychological interventions based on cognitive behavioural therapy principles. We do not prescribe medications. 

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